Looking for feedback on Ruger 57

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Looking for feedback on Ruger 57

Post by M2245 » 06 Mar 2024, 14:56

Hi, everyone.
I want to buy a 5.7 pistol. If I didn't miss anything there are three to choose from: the original FN Five-Seven, the Ruger 57 and Smith & Wesson MP 57. I can't go for S&W - in my state the capacity is maxed at 10 rounds, this leaves FN and Ruger.
Ruger has a serious advantage as it's much less expensive than FN and I already have Mark IV, so adding to the family seems logical, but there's certainly more to it. From what I saw and read there are good and bad things about each gun.
One thing that concerns me is that apparently many people experienced failure to feed with Ruger 57.

If you have this gun, what are the top things you like and don't like?
Do you see FTF? What ammo are you using?
What options do you have if you want a red-dot on your gun?
Do you like ergonomics of the gun? Accuracy?

Anything you may want to share would be much appreciated.

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Re: Looking for feedback on Ruger 57

Post by panzermk2 » 07 Mar 2024, 09:24

Welcome to the forum.

To be 100% honest the FsN is a combat weapon, the Ruger a plinker.

There have been a long list of issues with the Ruger. It was designed to hit a price point.
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL ...

Now don't take this as a defense of the FsN cost. FNH sells the FsN for hundreds of dollars more then they should.

I have been impressed by the S&W. FYI you can have a someone like me convert OEM mags to 10 round. I did that years ago before FNH came out with 10 rounders. Also due to the size of S&W I would predict 10 round mags coming out.

Elite Ammunition S&W M&P 57 In Depth Review
https://youtu.be/puFBx6Z_wZY?si=juXt ... V0u
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